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Museum of Paper Amalfi

by MashaP

Museum of Paper Amalfi

Museum of Paper Amalfi

Museo della Carta

Museum of Paper will introduce you to the magic of fine paper making and its importance to Amalfi, past and in the present. This is one of the oldest, paper mills in Europe.

Museum of Paper Amalfi is just a ten minute walk from the main square up to the quieter part of Amalfi. From the center of town, just walk up the hill and follow the signs to the paper mill.

Museum of Paper is housed in an old paper mill. It exhibits vintage books and old machines for production of paper, which is still working order. A guide who speaks English very well, provides a very interesting historical (half-hour) tour. He will explain the process of paper making, the machines and how the Amalfi river provided the power. Also, there are signs throughout the museum to offer you more information.

The first room has a display of how numerous types of fine paper were dried, and how the beautiful flowers were pressed into them. Afterwards you will go into the cellar to see the machines that did the pounding and pressing. After viewing the uses of the various pieces of machinery, there is a demonstration of how the paper was made involving a member of the tour group. The person will dip the screen into the tank, which is composed of beaten fabric scraps, chemicals and urine. The tour guide later tells everyone, that the last ingredient is present in the original process, however not actually in the demo.

The company still makes paper on a small scale. However, not at this site, according to the guide. Their primary customer is the Vatican.

Additionally, there is a lovely shop attached to the museum where you can buy unique paper-based souvenirs. The employee in the shop is very friendly. He usually offers a free piece of paper as a souvenir, so that you can sign it with a real traditional ink pen.

I recommend taking a tour. Learning about the history of paper production gives you a real appreciation of the hard work involved in paper production from many years ago.

The cost of the museum tour (4 euros) includes a guided tour in English or Italian, which takes about thirty minutes.

Phone: +39 089 830 4561
Address: Via delle Cartiere, 23, Amalfi SA, Italy
Hours: Monday Closed
Tuesday thru Sunday 10:00 am – 3:30 pm

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