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Pitti Palace Florence

by MashaP

Pitti Palace Florence

Pitti Palace is positioned on the south side of the River Arno. After a delightful walk over the Ponte Vecchio Bridge I came up to this breathtaking palazzo. I walked up the stairs and easily found my way into Pitti Palace.

Pitti Palace is a treasure house of Florentine history and artwork. It displays an extensive span of High Renaissance art including sensational Raphael’s Madonna’s and paintings by Caravaggio. There is an abundance of art in the Palantina Gallery. There are many Raphaels, Titians, a Caravaggio, an Artemisia Gentileschi and many more. It also has Florentine painters that are not as known that covers some of the walls.

Upstairs you will find the Modern Art Gallery, which has 19th century art. It contained the Napoleon era. This gallery was very good also. The best part of this gallery is the large collection of Macchiaioli.

I really enjoyed the Costume Gallery. I saw the costume museum and silver collection, both of which were stunning. The historical clothing collection had both modern and medieval, which was enjoyable to look at. The silver collection had more than silver, it included the Medici family china and jewelry.

The rooms themselves are extraordinary. There is marble everywhere, and all of the ceilings have elaborate reliefs and giant murals. Some of the rooms have tremendous window dressings and antique furniture.

The visit continues with the Royal apartments. It was occupied first by the Medicis, then by the kings of Italy. There were many great tables inlaid with semi-precious stones in the typical Florentine style. The furnishing of the many rooms you pass through is worth a visit in itself. Keep an eye out for one of them has the world’s most beautiful yellow marble bath.

And finally, the Boboli Gardens is a must. The Boboli Gardens are beautiful and the views are spectacular. The garden offers some great views of the Duomo in the distance. It is filled with beautiful flowers, splendid sculptures and grottos. The gardens stretch up a hill with charming paths leading all over the place. Go down to the bottom and be sure to see the grotto. If you happen to climb the steps in the garden, you can continue on to the Fort du Belvedere.

The Pitti has numerous exhibits and two different types of tickets that you can buy. One that includes the Royal apartments and a modern art exhibit and another that includes the Boboli Gardens.  It is well worth a visit, but do try to get there early. The ceilings, the decor, the sculptures, the paintings, the furniture, and the gardens were breathtaking.

Phone number: +39 055 238 8713

Address: Piazza de Pitti, 1, Florence, Italy

Hours: Open Tuesday through Sunday 8:15 – 6:50

Closed Monday, New Year’s Day, May 1st and Christmas Day.

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