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Boboli Gardens Florence Italy

by MashaP

Boboli Gardens

Boboli Gardens are a great place to escape the crazy crowds and relax with stunning views of Florence and the surrounding hillsides. The Boboli Gardens are an impressive collection of well-manicured hedges and lawns with an exceptional view of Florence’s panorama and the Pitti Palace.

The delightful Boboli Gardens are adjacent to the Pitti Palace. These majestic Renaissance gardens were developed for the Medici family when they lived in the Pitti Palace.

Here you will find splendid statues, unique grottos, beautiful fountains, wooded pathways and of course beautiful gardens.

I especially enjoyed the Grotta Buontalenti. Bernardo Buontalenti was commissioned by Francesco I de’ Medici to build it. Before you walk inside make sure to stop and admire the stunning statues of Ceres and Apollo by Baccio Bandinelli on either side of the entrance. Above the entrance you can also see the coat of arms of the Medici family placed at the center along zodiacal signs. Once inside you will be amazed to see the beautiful sculptures, wall and ceiling frescoes.

Isolotto’s Basin with Perseus on horseback is located here. It’s a wonderful statue of Perseus on a half-submerged horse making his way through the water.

The Ragnaie (spider’s lane) is a lovely pathway where the green trees are formed into a canopy above a gravel pathway. This spot will give you a great photo shot, so bring your camera.

The amphitheater is behind the palace and it is massive. It was inspired by the ancient Roman circuses.

Neptune Fountain is directly above the amphitheatre. There is a bronze statue of Neptune in the center holding his trident, while Tritons and Sirens surround the base.

The beautifully landscaped grounds are vast and I would suggest spending a few hours here. Take a lunch with you, as you are allowed to eat in the gardens. I went to a local market and bought picnic foods before my visit to Boboli Gardens. I picnicked on a high point overlooking Florence, admiring the landmarks

This is a lot of walking and a lot of uphill and stairs so make sure you wear a pair of comfortable shoes. Boboli Gardens are definitely high on my recommendation list. 

Phone number: 39 0552651838

Address: Piazza Pitti, Florence, Italy

Open daily: 8:15 am (closing time depends on season)

Closed on the last Monday of each month.

The main entrance to the Boboli Gardens is from the Pitti Palace.

Ticket fee is 10 euros, but you have also an entrance to Porcelain Museum and Costume Museum.

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