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Piazza della Repubblica Florence Italy

by MashaP

Piazza della Repubblica Florence Italy

Piazza della Repubblica is like the central hub of Florence. You always seem to walk through this Piazza on your way to another Florence gem. Piazza della Repubblica is a crossroad between Via Tornabuoni and Piazza della Signoria. It is a magnificent area, however it is also very congested with merchants.

The best thing about the Piazza della Repubblica is the large arch that was designed by Vincenzo Micheli. There is also a large column in the center of the plaza it is called the Column of Abundance. It is said that the plaza was where the Roman forum used to be held.

The merry-go-round adds a unique touch to the Piazza della Repubblica.

There is a beautiful fountain, several entertaining street performers and several amazing sculptures in this plaza. I enjoyed looking at all of them. I especially loved the one of Perseus holding Medusa’s severed head. There are also delightful patio restaurants on both sides and the gate to shopping starts here.

Yet, the reason I like Piazza della Repubblica so much was the way it comes alive in a wonderful way at night. I can stay here all day and just watch people from all over the world go by. During the day it has tourists and locals setting out to find bargains and people just passing through. In the evening you have the lighted carrousel, the buildings and the lights have their own magic.

The historic Giubbe Rosse CafĂ© is located on the Piazza della Repubblica. Over the last century it became very popular meeting place for Florence’s artists, poets and other important locals. Even today it continues in that direction. It also houses a small art gallery. If you have the opportunity try to sit at the outside veranda and enjoy the best of Florence history passing in front of you. I had a lovely evening here. The food was delicious, the tiramisu and coffee were amazing.

Cafe Paszkowski is also another famous eatery located nearby. The glass enclosed outdoor area provides a great shelter while you eat dinner and enjoy some excellent people watching.

I recommend everyone to visit Piazza della Repubblica both during the day and at night. The city lights come on and the atmosphere of Florence embraces you and leaves you breathless.

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